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Vectorballs   Pupul Intro   3D Head   Blurred Lines  

Equinox crew was created in 1988. We first made multimedia demonstration on Atari ST (see our Atari section).
With this java section we try to offer advanced multimedia demonstrations using java v1.1

Java Technology:

You need to have a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) installed with your browser in order to see those applets:

Windows 95-98-Me-XP + Internet Explorer users can download the latest Microsoft JVM here
(supporting Java 1.1)

For the latest support of java technology (v1.3), you can also install Sun's Java Plugin (available for Windows, Linux, Solaris Sparc/x86, HPUX) here.


If you encounter any problem, verify that Java is enabled in your browser. Also verify that JIT is enabled for full speed performances.

Applets informations:
The Oldschool applets (Atari conversions) are not supposed to be impressive. We just did them for oldschool demo effects lovers.

The other effects feature various demo stylish effects. We hope you enjoy them.

Future plans:
Many other applets are being developed at this time (especially an advanced 3d engine), so visit us regularily to see the forthcoming updates.
Considering the various mails we received, we plan to make some applets available for personnal use.

Feel free to contact us for any reasons (problems with some applets, questions, needing an applet for your web site, feedback...)


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